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After reading everything below carefully, please fill out the scholarship application here – https://goo.gl/forms/npz46AgFsFm72mFv2

Thank you for your interest in the Utah Live Bands student scholarship program.  Music education is an important part of what Utah Live Bands represents.  We have been there.  Our staff were all students at one point struggling financially to pay for school so we can succeed in our musical aspirations.

Utah Live Bands is proud to be a leader in music education throughout the state.  Michael Tobian, the owner and CEO of Utah Live Bands, is on the board of the Jazz Collective of Utah and is the chair of the JCofU scholarship committee.  In addition to the Utah Live Bands Jazz Scholarship, we work closely with the Jazz Collective and with the Caleb Chapman Sound House to help “pay it forward” to the education efforts in this state for upcoming artists.

The 2017 Scholarship Awards:

This year, we are giving away a $1,000.00 award to the 1st place winner.  In addition, several smaller cash awards and prizes will be given to runner up applicants, including scholarship awards sponsored by the Jazz Collective of Utah.   The applicants will be presented with the scholarships at a scholarship award concert on October 19th, 2017.  Winning applicants will be invited to perform at the concert.

Past Winners:

The following students have been the recipient of the Utah Live Bands Jazz scholarship in recent years.


jordan k

Jordan Kamalu – As a college student, Jordan used the funds to help support his stay in New York as he produced an off-broadway musical called “Single-Wide”.  The musical got rave reviews and attention from critics.  A couple years later, Jordan won a student Emmy Award for his score on a BYU animated score.  Jordan is doing great things in the industry and currently performs with several of Utah Live Band’s acts including the Groove Merchants and Drive Country Band.



Ben Nichols – Ben Nichols

Ben won the college scholarship award from us.  He has since finished his Masters degree from the Boston conservatory where he studied with the great saxophone player and teacher Jerry Bergonzi.  He is currently working on his DMA in Illinois




Derrick Dymalski

Derrick Dymalski

Derrick won his scholarship as a high school student.  He is turning heads everywhere he goes.  Since his scholarship award, he has worked performing on a cruise line and has studied music at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music and is currently working at the Maurice Gusman Concert Hall in Florida



Jack Shunk – 

Jack won the high school scholarship award while preparing for college.  He is performing regularly and attending school in Miami, Florida.

Jack Shunk





If you are a high school or college student in need of a little help with your music education, please apply.  Here are some Questions and Answers:

How is the Award Funded?

Utah Live Bands funds the Utah Live Bands Jazz Scholarships completely by ourselves; however in addition to this scholarship, we are involved in the Jazz Collective of Utah Scholarship program, where donations are accepted for other scholarship opportunities presented at the same awards concert.

Am I a good candidate for the award? 

Here are requirements to qualify for the award:

– Must be either a vocalist or instrumentalist performing in the jazz idiom

– Must be a college student currently attending school, a high school senior or final year student in a Utah high school or home school program.  College student and High School Student awards will be allocated and awarded seperately.

– Must be attending or have plans to attend a post secondary school (college) with a major in music

– Must have and explain a financial need for financial assistance

– Must be available to perform and attend the scholarship award concert on October 19th, 2017

How do I apply?

– After reading the qualifications and rules, submit an application found here – Scholarship Application (https://goo.gl/forms/npz46AgFsFm72mFv2)

– As part of the application, submit a video of yourself performing a jazz tune.  Submissions must be in an electronic medium and viewed via a streaming URL (Youtube, Vimeo, etc).  Do not submit video files that need to be downloaded in order to view them. List the URL of the video on the application.  Please indicate in the description of the youtube or vimeo video that it is for the 2014 Jazz Scholarship award and include the following URL in the video description:

What are the Rules?

– Video may be solo or accompanied by a jazz combo

– Performance must be a jazz standard or original composition

– Performance must feature you playing or singing the melody and must include an improvised solo (improvised scat solo for vocalists)

– Total video performance time must not exceed 5 minutes

– You may use a microphone or multiple microphones of any quality you choose; however, the entire performance must be recorded at once and must include video of the performance as well as audio.  The video must be in sync with the audio.

– Instruments may not be mic’d separately in isolation.  The band must be recorded in the same room.

– The performance may not be mixed post production in a studio, doctored up (artificially enhancing tone, tuning or timing) or altered in any way post-recording.  Levels may be adjusted before the recording starts but may not be adjusted after the track has been laid down.  We want to be fair to all the applicants, regardless of their financial ability to hire a studio engineer.

When is the Deadline to Apply?

– All applications must be submitted by August 31st, 2017. Applications submitted after that time will not be considered.

What will be the Judging Criteria?

The performances will be judged based upon 3 criteria:

1 – Performance: We will judge the applicant’s performance based on an understanding and proper execution of style, tone, technical virtuosity, competency in improvising (or scatting) over chord changes and mastery of the instrument in general.

2 – Difficulty of the piece:  We will take into consideration how difficult a piece may be that is performed.

3 – Financial need and answers to application questions: The intent of these funds is that they are used to further one’s education in music.  Applicants will be asked to explain their financial need for a scholarship and what the funds would be used for.

Who will Judge the Applicants?

A panel of professional jazz musicians TBD

How Much is the Scholarship?

This year we are offering several scholarships.  A $1000 1st place scholarship will be awarded in addition to several smaller scholarships.  College and High School awards will both be included.

When Will the Prize Money be Awarded?

The prize money will be awarded at the scholarship award concert on October 19th, 2017.  Winners  must be present to accept the award and perform to win.  A professional jazz combo will accompany the winners on their piece.

Good Luck and Happy Playing!!!

Sincerely, your friends at Utah Live Bands