Rustic Poets

Rustic Poets

Rustic Poets embodies the spirit of country music with a dance twist. With a genuine love for country music from various eras and a diverse taste in sub-genres, Rustic Poets brings together a fusion of nostalgic classics and contemporary hits, creating a unique musical experience for their audience.




When it comes to their repertoire, Rustic Poets pays homage to legendary artists like Johnny Cash and George Strait, evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity among their fans. However, they also embrace the vibrant sounds of newer acts such as Tyler Childers and Luke Combs, ensuring a fresh and modern touch to their performances. The band’s ability to read the crowd and adapt their setlist accordingly guarantees an engaging and lively atmosphere that keeps the audience dancing and having a great time until the very end.


While Rustic Poets primarily identifies as a country band, they love to add a sprinkle of variety and excitement to their sets. Occasionally, they incorporate elements of classic rock and reggae, creating unexpected yet delightful moments that captivate their listeners. This infusion of different genres showcases the band’s versatility and keeps their performances interesting and dynamic.

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One aspect that sets Rustic Poets apart is their unique instrumentation. While many bands typically rely on drums, bass, and a couple of guitars, Rustic Poets goes beyond the norm. The band consists of drums, bass, and multi-talented instrumentalists who switch between keyboard and mandolin and trumpet. They are one of the few cover bands to perform the iconic “Ring of Fire” with a live trumpet. This is a true treat for the audience and a testament to their passion for entertainment. 

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