Bird Watchers

The Bird Watchers Acoustic Band

Utah-based acoustic trio, the Bird Watchers are a fun and unique addition to events. Previously knows as the Naked Waiters, this band is great for both ambiance and headlining music. They combine acoustic ukulele & guitar music with spot-on vocal harmonies. Their unique sound has made them a popular choice for event planners and clients alike. Looking for a band with more of an Indie vibe… something other than your typical classical or jazz background music group? Check out the Bird Watchers:

The Bird Watchers have hours of recognizable covers that they perform and even a handful of popular originals if desired. The acoustic trio does not take up a large footprint so they are really great at destination venues where space may play a factor. This is ideal when booked for background music. For larger shows, they can expand to a larger acoustic band.

For a sample of songs that the band performs, click on the follow link:

Based out of Provo, Utah, these musicians have years of professional performing experience. They are flexible and fun to work with, making things that much easier of event planners.

The band has performed all of the US, Canada, Australia, and Scotland. They not only play at private events, but can be heard at Ukulele festivals around the globe. For many years they were known as the Naked Waiters, but decided a name-change was a good idea after feedback from Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent.

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