Earth Wind & Fire Tribute

Kalimba – Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Band

Kalimba is a high-energy, authentic, Earth Wind and Fire tribute act that is sure to knock your socks off. This band even boasts former members of the Earth Wind and Fire band. With spot-on vocals and great energy on-stage, this band is perfect for outdoor concerts as well as large corporate entertainment.  It takes some serious musicians to do justice to the iconic funk band and Kalimba has them in spades.

Earth Wind and Fire Tribute

This band tours the country performing.  One of the EW&F band vocalist/guitarists had this to say about this tribute act: “Out of thousands of other bands who try to play this music, Kalimba is the show that gets it right.” This band really catches the spirit of the music and will have your audience entertained and engaged.

Check out some live video of the band:

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Earth Wind and Fire Tribute

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