DJ Cam Reeve


DJ Cam Reeve is always innovating with the top trends. He specialized in open format shows where he reads the audience and gets a feel for what they are most interested in. Dj Cam plays re-drums and mashups to send dancers on a journey across all genres. Cam likes to throw in the most up to date sounds you might find on TikTok or other viral videos. He also incorporates quick edits that keep your guests on their toes.


With nearly a decade of experience, DJ Cam is the perfect option to bring a custom DJ experience to your event.

Cutting his teeth in Utah, Cam quickly curated the knowledge and skills to become one of the area’s hottest DJs. After a few short years he became a regular at events hosted at Sundance. Some of Cam’s favorite clients have been SpaceX, Celebrity Lane, Icon Health and Fitness, and FanX.

Cam comes prepared for an event you and your guests wont forget. Cam uses modern equipment, lighting, and techniques to set himself apart as a professional. Fully equipped with an up to the minute library of music and sounds, DJ Cam consistently exceeds expectations.

As with all of our DJ’s at Utah Live Bands, DJ Cam is committed to bringing the best experience possible to you and your guests.

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