Company B

Company B

Company B is a close harmony vocal trio that uplifts audiences with golden era American classics reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters. With sets packed with classic boogie-woogie hits, swing and jazz standards, and their take on more contemporary songs, Company B keeps guests anxious to hear what is next. They pack dance floors with the nostalgic and familiar and keep them on their toes by surprising them with something fun and new. They take care to provide sets full of upbeat numbers curated to keep audiences engaged and dancing.

See Company B in action here.

Backed by some of Utah’s most talented jazz musicians Company B brings years of performance expertise to any event. Their precise harmonies across multiple genres set them apart from other event bands. The love of bringing people together and performing is reflected in their demeanor while singing, between songs, and between sets. Company B has just as much fun performing as audiences do dancing along. This makes for memorable events for everyone in attendance.

Company B offers an accessible performance due to their large repertoire and varied skillset. With an extensive song list, their typical set includes songs from their namesake Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy to more modern hits like Hey Ya. The options only increase around the holidays. Company B offers a wide variety of holiday songs that are sure to make your event festive.

View the Company B Standard Song list here.

View the Company B Holiday Song List here.