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Helpful tips on hiring a band & other corporate entertainment in Utah

Unique Ideas for Wedding Music

The Bandits entertaining an intimate corporate party.

As my wife and I were coming up with ideas for our reception, one phrase that I would hear quite frequently was: “but EVERYONE does that.”  Having a unique wedding isn’t just about reflecting your likes and dislikes nor is it about one-uping your cousin’s reception; it is about giving your guests a night that they will distincly remember out of the sea of weddings they will attend in their…

Professionals vs. Experts

Wedding singer Utah

It doesn’t take a lot to call yourself a professional these days.  In fact, any band or musician that has gotten paid to play can call themselves a professional (and they do… often).  So what’s the difference between a reliable/quality group and some college buddies that got paid $50 once to play at their grandmother’s birthday party?

1.) I meant to do that!

Experienced musicians hav…

Saving Money on Music (the smart way!)

Now, we all know that when you try and save money on entertainment, there is a fine line between fitting within your budget and skimping on quality.  You don’t want to have to pay for unnecessary extras or work through multiple middle-men, but at the same time you don’t want your important evening to have this unexpected twist:

Here are a few tips to help you eliminate unnecessary…

3 ways to ruin the dancing at your wedding

Melissa Pace

You have hired the band and are ready to go.  Now it is time to not screw it up.  Here are the 3 most common ways brides (and grooms) make things worse for themselves at their own wedding party.

1- Micro-manage the band: When hiring a professional wedding band, this is probably the most common mistake brides make.  Professional bands are really good at reading the crowd, playing t…

Cheap wedding music ideas

1st dance

Are you in the 99% of wedding budgets?  Here is the reality…. so is 99% of everyone else.  Most people are trying to pull off a great wedding with a small amount of cash.  Here are 3 ways you can still have great wedding music on a small budget:

1- Rent an MP3 docking station – Why pay big bucks for an expensive DJ when she probably won’t even play the music you want anyway.  Renting…

Choosing the right band

wedding band

One of the most difficult tasks in planning your wedding is in choosing your band.  When your guests are on their way home, the thing they will be talking about is how awesome (or how awful) the band was.   A great band will keep your guests dancing and having a good time all night long.  There are many options out there.  Some do a fine job.  Others….. well, don’t.  Utah Live Bands only…

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