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5 Tips for the Perfect Casino Night Fundraiser

hire casino company

Want a Fabulous Fundraiser that Pays Big? Try a Casino Night Fundraiser!
Bake sales, carnivals, and wrapping paper drives. What do all of these have in common? They’re some of the traditional ways that organizations try to fund their programs. But if you want a fabulous fundraiser that pays big, consider throwing a casino night fundraiser. A successful casino night isn’t something you can…

10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Every Party Personality

costume ideas

Save Stress this Year by Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume to Match Your Costume Personality
If you have friends throwing a Halloween bash, your business is hosting a company trick-or-treat street, you work with kids, or you have kids, you’re going to have to dress up this year. (That’s pretty much everybody, right?) But figuring out a costume can be super stressful. Here at Utah Liv…

6 Movies about Music Perfect for an Evening In

movies about music

If you’re spending the weekend in, here are 6 great movies about music to watch.
It’s Saturday night and you’re stuck at home. You wish you could be out listening to great live music from bands like The Groove Merchants or Drive, but you can’t. So you pick up the remote and decide to watch a movie. Netflix recommends the same 50 things you haven’t wanted to watch before, and you’v…

Spotlight on Three Drummers

Spotlight on Drummers

Check out these interviews with three of Utah’s hottest drummers.
Talk to most musicians and they’ll readily acknowledge that the drummer is the backbone of any musical group.  Ironically though, drummers seldom get the spotlight. Instead they’re generally hidden away at the back of the stage behind their face-obscuring kits. It’s time to shine a light on these talented artists who sha…

End the Summer on the Right Note

Summers End Music

Cure your end of summer blues with a dose of summer music at these upcoming events that are open to the public.
Have you noticed that it’s been a bit cooler the last week or so? Mother Nature seems to be dropping a hint that summer’s about over. If you’re not ready for the end of summer, we’re with you. At Utah Live Bands we love the summer because it gives so many of our musicians and…

Liven Things Up with Some Line Dancing

Line Dancing

Line Dancing can Lift Your Event to the Next Level
In the 2011 remake of the classic dance movie Footloose, the characters go to a honky-tonk to do some country dancing. Pretty soon, the entire bar is dancing together in a complicated line dance that looks absolutely amazing. But if you ask me, it doesn’t really represent the spirit of line dancing. See, line dancing can be the most non-dancer…

Holiday Party 2016

holiday party 2016

Get Started Planning your 2016 Holiday Party with these 5 Fantastic Theme Ideas
It’s the end of August. You haven’t even hung up your swim suit yet, but for those of you throwing a holiday party in 2016, now’s the time to start planning if you want to be able to book the best venues and entertainment. To make your party pop, you’ll want to start with a great theme. Whether you’re planning a…

Trust the Experts


Having a Great Event is as Simple as Trusting the Experts – Your Band!
It’s your day. You’ve put a lot of planning into your special event. You’ve spent a lot of money to make sure it goes perfectly. One of the ways to make sure that your entertainment goes off without a hitch is to trust the experts–your band.

Imagine walking into your mechanic’s shop and telling the repairman…

Salamanders Rock the 4th

Salamanders Rock the 4th

The Salamanders Rock the 4th for a Crowd of Thousands
Sandy City put on a spectacular 4th of July bash this year–and up front and center stage at this public event was our popular party band, the Salamanders. The Salamanders have now hosted this Independence Day concert five times!

A crowd of thousands filled the park at the South Towne Promenade to watch the Salamanders perform on t…

Creative Event Photography Ideas

event photography ideas

3 Creative Event Photography Ideas to Capture the Best Moments of Your Event

You’ve put a lot of planning, effort, and money into your big day. You’ve hired a band from Utah Live Bands, so we know you’re smart. Naturally, you’ll want to capture the best moments from your event. But that’s not always easy. If you’re feeling a little stuck, check out these creative event photography…

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