Save Stress this Year by Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume to Match Your Costume Personality

If you have friends throwing a Halloween bash, your business is hosting a company trick-or-treat street, you work with kids, or you have kids, you’re going to have to dress up this year. (That’s pretty much everybody, right?) But figuring out a costume can be super stressful. Here at Utah Live Bands we want to lighten your load by giving you some cool costume ideas. We’ve got a costume idea for just about every party personality.

The Halloween is My Christmas And I Got Money to Burn Costume

For some people, Halloween haberdashery is a serious business and they are willing to pay for the best. For you Halloween gals, you’ll blow everyone away with a Wonder Woman costume. (This Dawn of Justice outfit retails for around $300 without shield and sword.) Halloween dudes will love this ultimate Darth Vader costume on sale for $660. Happy shopping!

Halloween CostumeHalloween Costume

The Politics are Such a Drag costume

It’s an election year. I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this has been the scariest election year ever…which makes it perfect for Halloween. Both candidates have some features that are easily lampooned, so with a little creativity and a good suit you can easily pull off a fabulous political costume. The Donald’s cringe-worthy hair makes him super easy to imitate. Buy a cheap wig and a “Make America Great” again cap. Pair them with a blue suit and everyone will recognize you. Hillary’s a little harder, but with an old blackberry and a big pair of sunglasses you can totally pull off the HRC circa 2011. To make it even funnier, try doing it in drag.

Halloween Costume Halloween Costume HRC

The Super Creative-I Could Have My Own Craft Series costume

You all know this person. They start planning their costume for next year at 2 am on November 1st. They’re ultra crafty and legitimately committed about impressing on Halloween. If this is you, then you probably already have an idea you’re finishing up. But there’s always 2017. Consider these costume ideas that require you to really commit. How about going as a genie on a flying carpet? This cool looking illusion requires you to dress up the top half of your body and then create a fake bottom half to sit on top of an area rug. You’ll have to carry the fake body on a rug around all night, but hey, you’re sure to win 1st prize in the costume contest.

Halloween Costume Genie

The I Barely Dressed Up costume

Jim Halpert on The Office was the one person at work who dressed up for Halloween without really dressing up. If you want to take the slacker approach to a Halloween costume, then try one of his costume ideas on for size. For this costume, you simply grab a “Hello. My name is” sticker and write the name of someone else on it. Abra Kadabra, you’re in costume.

The I Have $20 Bucks and I’m at Target costume

This might also be known as the “Last Minute Throwing Something Together” costume. The base for this costume is a black t-shirt and black pants, most of us have those at home. So while you’re at Target, look for cheap accessories to help you build a cool costume. The first thing to find is a good cape. A cape can be used for several different costumes, so it’s a good base accessory to keep at your house for the next time you have to throw together a costume. With your cape in hand, make a choice about what you want to be. Grab a pointy hat and a wand to complete your basic witch costume. Or red horns and a pitch-fork to be a devil. Vampire teeth and some white face makeup (with a few dabs of red) and you’re Dracula. You could even find some pointy ears and a bow-and-arrow to become a fantastical elf from Middle Earth.

halloween costume devil

The Punny costume

Everybody loves pumpkin flavored stuff, so why not try out this pumpkin flavored pun. Find an orange t-shirt. Print and cut out the mathematical symbol Pi. Glue the symbol to your shirt. Maybe add a pumpkin headband you picked up at the Dollar Tree, and voila: Pumpkin Pie (Pi). With this costume you get the added bonus of walking around doing a Robert DeNiro impression all night, “You wanna piece of me?”

halloween costume pi

The Trending Super Hero costume

There’s no doubt that Halloween 2016 is going to be filled with super-hero movie characters. Deadpool and Suicide Squad were big hits that will likely spawn lots of Halloween party doppelgangers. Harley Quinn’s a character ripe for imitation with her unique look and her quirky attitude. Essential to the Harley Quinn look are pig-tails, fish-net stockings, boots, tattered clothes, and a baseball bat. Then there’s the startling pink and blue makeup. There are a ton of you-tube videos out there that will help you nail the look.

Halloween Costume hq

The I’m Creative but I’m Not Crafty costume

There are some people who have big ideas but they just can’t seem to make it look like the pinterest page. If you want to show up in a unique costume that shows a creative flair but that doesn’t require you to know your way around a glue gun, then try going as a bag of jelly beans. All that’s required is a clear plastic trash bag and a bag of party balloons. Cut holes in the bag for your arms and legs. Then fill the bag with the colorful balloons. Tie it all up at your neck with a ribbon. If you want to add another dash of creativity, then put the nutritional information about the bag of Jelly Beans on your costume.

Halloween Costume Jelly Beans

The I’m Pregnant-What Can I Do With My Belly costume

There have been a lot of these floating around the internet lately. But far and away my favorite is the baby zombie. It’s creepy but also funny. It was so popular last year that you can now buy the costume pre-made from most costume shops.

Halloween Costume Zombie Baby

The I Put Together a Costume From Junk I Had Around My House costume

If you don’t want to spend any money, but you have to dress up, then the “Tourist” costume is for you. Find your gaudiest Hawaiian shirt, a lei, a straw hat and a strap-on camera. Pair it with some white sports socks and sandals and you will be styling it at your Halloween party.

halloween costume tourist

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