Utah Casino Parties

vinnie dealing craps

Vinnie, one of our craps dealers knows how to have a great time with the guests and keep things exciting

Casino parties are becoming a wildly popular way to celebrate a corporate event. Guests get the fun feeling of being at a high end casino without actually using any real money. Prizes are often awarded at the end for the guests with the most chips, or, chips are exchanged for raffle tickets and prizes are drawn. It is a blast, exciting and best of all, it isn’t real gambling.


Chad dealing blackjack

Our dealers teach the games and make it fun

Utah Live Bands offers high end, casino quality tables and dealers that dress in tuxedos (for the male dealers) and dresses (for female dealers). Because of the reputation for quality that accompanies Utah Live Bands, we make sure your guests are given an experience we trust and can stand by.


Poker and other tables

We will help you plan how many tables are needed for your party


Our dealers dress to the 9s and have extensive experience









Blackjack table for rent

Our tables are lined with LED lights and are made from the highest quality materials

Our tables are custom designed for us by a casino table manufacturer to be portable but still retain the high quality found at a nice casino.  Give us a call today for pricing for your event.  The rails (bumpers) go all the way around the table with deep drink holders.  Blackjack and Poker tables have LED lights installed for a cool effect.

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