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How to Choose the Right Event Entertainment for Your Company Party

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Want to make your next corporate bash a smash? Read these five questions (and answers) to help you pick the right entertainment for your next company party.
It was a disaster. A family-friendly company party that was supposed to build morale and company connectivity instead turned into a hive of sniping and griping. Why? Because the caterer/entertainment booked for the summer event was over an…

5 Blockbuster Themed Ideas for Your Next Event

blockbuster event

Tap into the buzz surrounding upcoming film releases to make your party a blockbuster hit.
No matter what kind of event you’re planning for 2017 you want the gathering to be both appealing and engaging. One of the easiest ways to add sparkle to your event is to tie your theme to a hot movie. Using a blockbuster film as a stepping off point for your theme allows your guests to bring some of t…

5 Event Planning Lessons from Oscars 2017

Oscar Lessons

5 Lessons on What to Do When Things Go Wrong at Your Big Event.
Did you see the Oscars this year? What a doozy! An entire awards show leading up to the moment when they announce the best picture of the year and then the biggest gaffe of all time–the presenters announce the wrong winner! It made for great television, but for all the people behind the scenes and the winners and losers involved it…

Tips for a Great 50th Anniversary Celebration

50th Anniversary

A 50th anniversary is a big deal. We can help you make this celebration a truly once in a lifetime event.
Dear Utah Live Bands. Both my parents and my in-laws are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries this summer. Help! I know this is a big deal and I want the celebration to be something the whole family will really remember, but I’ve never been to a 50th  anniversary party befor…

ULB: 2016 in Review

2016 in Review

Take a look back at some of the highlights of 2016 at Utah Live Bands!
Lots of stuff happened in 2016. There was a presidential election. A new Star Wars movie came out. Some really famous and beloved celebrities died. But you don’t need me to recap that. (And if you do because you were in a coma or in outer space or something, then maybe read this column from Dave Barry. He’ll catch you up on…

And on Keyboards Is Jordan Kamalu

Jordan Kamalu emmy

Utah Live Bands’ keyboard player Jordan Kamalu finds success wherever he can.
Last summer the Groove Merchants played a wedding reception in the Midwest. During a break in the set, the bride and groom came up and asked the band to play the Indiana University fight song. The band hadn’t ever heard the song, let alone prepared it. But band leader Michael Tobian turned to their keyboard player,…

Background Music is More Important Than You Think

background music

Why You Need Background Music For Your Next Event
The other day I was in the grocery store. As I was putting my milk into the cart, I suddenly felt a bit more energy, a bit happier. I decided that I didn’t need to rush right out of the store. Instead I went over to the huge holiday display and discovered a few things that I didn’t really need but which seemed fun. Into the cart they went. It…

5 Tips for the Perfect Casino Night Fundraiser

Want a Fabulous Fundraiser that Pays Big? Try a Casino Night Fundraiser!
Bake sales, carnivals, and wrapping paper drives. What do all of these have in common? They’re some of the traditional ways that organizations try to fund their programs. But if you want a fabulous fundraiser that pays big, consider throwing a casino night fundraiser. A successful casino night isn’t something you can…

Liven Things Up with Some Line Dancing

Line Dancing

Line Dancing can Lift Your Event to the Next Level
In the 2011 remake of the classic dance movie Footloose, the characters go to a honky-tonk to do some country dancing. Pretty soon, the entire bar is dancing together in a complicated line dance that looks absolutely amazing. But if you ask me, it doesn’t really represent the spirit of line dancing. See, line dancing can be the most non-dancer…

Holiday Party 2016

holiday party 2016

Get Started Planning your 2016 Holiday Party with these 5 Fantastic Theme Ideas
It’s the end of August. You haven’t even hung up your swim suit yet, but for those of you throwing a holiday party in 2016, now’s the time to start planning if you want to be able to book the best venues and entertainment. To make your party pop, you’ll want to start with a great theme. Whether you’re planning a…

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